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Fulcrum is SchoolsOPEN comprehensive data warehouse, web-based reporting, OLAP BI product suite. It provides fast, easy access to all data in your district. Data from all years of your FAS, HRS and SPM system are available in Fulcrum with near-real time updates from those systems. Additional data such as assessment (local and state), transportation, EDP, food services, libraries, etc can be easily brought into the warehouse for holistic reporting and analysis. A completely web-based interface allow end users to easily run any report they have access to. Reports are available in multiple formats (Web pages, PDF files, CSV/Export format, Office Excel and Word format, Flash, etc) and for recurring needs, can be simply scheduled to automatically run and email your users the results with no manual interaction or intervention. Reports can be standard roster style reports or rich collections of data, images, charts, cross tabs, etc. OLAP abilities allow creating crunched analysis of complex data with tools to explore, expand and drill down into that data.

Fulcrum can combine all your districts data in a single place and make it highly available to your entire district.

You can read about whats new and changed in Fulcrum at the Whats New in Fulcrum page

Fulcrum 3.7 is now available! Please read more about it at the Fulcrum 3.7 Release Notes page

Domains and Data Sources

Topics of interest regarding Fulcrum Domains, contents of domains, using domains with filters, using JDBC data, Database Layout and more.

Fulcrum Database/Table Listings (aka Schema)

Administering Fulcrum

Topics dealing with managing users, managing roles, managing permissions, managing the repository and overall managing of the Fulcrum server

Fulcrum Web Interface

Topics dealing with creating reports via the Web Ad-Hoc editor, setting up automatically run or "scheduled" reports and creating dashboards


iReport is a GUI based tool for creating complex reports. Reports created via iReport can be checked in and run from the Fulcrum Web-based server and appear to users exactly as any other report. iReport can do things that are difficult or not currently possible via the Web Ad-Hoc reporting tool, but has a steeper learning curve and substantial additional complexity.

Fulcrum Data Importing

Topics deal with the Fulcrums various external data importers and using the importer console to run those imports

Fulcrum General Documentation

Fulcrum is built on a extensive stack of tools and products, some from third parties. The third party tools come with often helpful and useful documentation, but because it is from third parties, the documentation is not specific to the needs of school districts or SchoolsOPEN products. It still describes many general features and when you have a question on how to do something with Fulcrum that isn't specific to your SchoolsOPEN data, these documents are very handy.

One name to be aware of is JasperServer. Various forms of that will be found throughout this documentation. JasperServer is one of the core tools that handles the Web based reporting aspects of Fulcrum (along with a number of school-district and SchoolsOPEN specific additions and extensions). In most cases, you can think of "JasperServer" as being the same as "Fulcrum".

NOTE: Please be sure to download documentation for the correct version of Fulcrum you have installed. When in doubt, click on the "About Fulcrum..." link located in the lower left of your web page when logged into Fulcrum.

Fulcrum 3.5

Fulcrum 3.7

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