iReport Hot Fixes

Occasionally, there may be an important fix to iReport that is needed before the next release of the product is made. These are called "hot fixes". These fixes need to be applied AFTER iReport is installed and it's verified you can start it up correctly.

Installing the Hot Fixes is absolutely NECESSARY for correct functioning of iReport with the SchoolsOPEN Fulcrum product

Hot Fixes are downloaded, unzipped and installed. In each hot fix is a PDF file with the directions on how to install the fix. You can also read the hot fix documentation by clicking on the link next to the download. Hot Fixes need only be installed once.

Patches/HotFixes for iReport 5.0.0

There are NO hotfixes for iReport 5.0.0. Do NOT attempt to apply any other patches

Patches/HotFixes for iReport 4.5.x

There are NO hotfixes for iReport 4.5.0 or 4.5.1. Do NOT attempt to applyany other patches

Patches/HotFixes for iReport (updated August 11, 2010)

Patches/HotFixes for iReport 3.7.0

There are NO hotfixes for iReport 3.7.0. Do NOT attempt to apply the iReport 3.5.0 hot patch to iReport 3.7.0

Patches/HotFixes for iReport 3.5.0

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