* Multilingual Wiki
* Blogs and Articles
* Forums
* RSS Syndication
* WYSIWYG Editing
* Calendars and Events
* Database Tracking System
* File and Image Galleries
* User and Group Management
* Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls
* Activity-based Workflow Engine
* Advanced Multilingual Capabilities
* Web based forms and database
* FAQ section
* Advertisement banner management
* Mobile (PDA, VoixeXML and WAP)
* Spreadsheets
* Live support chat
* User message system
* Advanced menu management
* Advance User and Group management
* Content and feature access control and permission system.
* Search engine
* External authentication support (LDAP, OpenID, etc.)


To get you going quickly you can select from a list of profiles. Tiki will then be configured correctly for you to start using it immediately. This will save you a lot of time and also allows you to share the details of successful configurations.
Examples of this powerful profile feature include:

* Corporate Wiki / Intranet / Extranet
* Corporate website
* Knowledge base / Bug tracker
* Project management
* Community portal
* Workflow and specialized web applications
* Application forms
* Multilingual collaborative glossary
* More are being added to this list, in a completely innovative, open and collaborative manner. To read more about this exciting new feature of Tiki visit http://profiles.tikiwiki.org (external link)


Designed to be run easily on readily available web hosting technology. Tiki is built using following technologies, chosen to provide a powerful and proven foundation for the system:

* ADOdb
* Zend Framework
* jQuery
* Smarty

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