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WebSage is the general term for all SchoolsOPEN Web-based products and represents the suite as well as the underlying technology that puts your district data on the internet and/or your intranet in a secure, easy to use way.

WebSage based products include:

  • ParentWeb — Parent/Student access to always up-to-date student information
  • TeacherWeb — Teacher access for managing their classes
  • MonitorWeb/Permanent Record — Staff access to nearly all student information for their building.
  • MobileWeb — MonitorWeb type application designed for mobile devices, such as phones, tables, etc.
  • EmployeeWeb — Employee self-service site

ParentWeb Articles

For simple step by step instructions on how to set up and use ParentWeb features:

TeacherWeb Articles

For working with classes, reviewing students, posting attendance, report cards, progress reports, home work, etc...

Permanent Record Articles

Also know as MonitorWeb, this powerful tool allows a variety of staff to explore nearly any aspect of students in their building or district.

MobileWeb Articles

Sometimes referred to as MW Mobile, this product features Web based student access, similar to Permanent Record, but designed for mobile devices such as phones, tables, etc.

EmployeeWeb Articles

Employee self-service site for reviewing attendance, pay checks, certifications and more.

General WebSage Articles

This area features useful information applicable to all of SchoolsOPEN's web-based products.

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