Signature Change Procedure

1. Costs

The costs for normal form changes is included as part of your annual maintenance. In the event of an emergency signature request (less than 3 days from SchoolsOPENs receipt of your materials), there may be a fee to expedite it in such a short time.

2. Time to complete

SchoolsOPEN needs two weeks from receipt of the signature change materials. The change is often done sooner than that, but during certain times, there can be a large number of requests and we strongly recommend planning at least two weeks out.

3. Signature Change process

SchoolsOPEN needs the following steps to be followed to complete a signature change

  1. Use a clean, blank, white piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper (unlined and unruled — think good quality copier/printer paper)
  2. Block print the name of the signatory at the top of the sheet (helps if the signature is otherwise ambiguous)
  3. Have the new signatory sign their name three times. Be sure the signatures do not overlap, are widely spaced/separated and that they are clear and easy to see (black ink is best). We'll be using a scanned image of these signatures (we will pick the best/clearest one), so the clearer the better.
  4. On a separate page, please indicate which forms get the new signature. For example, HR checks, FAS checks (all or just certain bank accounts), PO forms, etc. Also, if there is more than one signature on a form (sometimes there are two or three), please indicate which one the new signature will replace.
  5. Mail them to SchoolsOPEN. Please send 1st class mail in a full 8 1/2x11 manila envelope so the signature page is not folded. Please mail the forms to:

Attn: Form Support
4119 Jackson Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

4. Multi-Signature Forms

When updating the signature on a multiple signature form (a form, such as a check, that is signed by more than one signatory), please have each new/changed signatory repeat the signing step on a seperate piece of paper (signatories not changing generally do not need to submit a new signature page).

For example, if you have three new signatories, please send in three seperate pieces of paper, each one containing three copies of the same persons signature (i.e. sheet one would have three copies of "Jane A. Doe"s signature, sheet two might have "John Q Public"s three signatures and the third sheet would have "Trudy Johnson"s signatures).

On a seperate page, please indicate the order that all signatures should appear on the forms (including signatures that may not be changing, but are still need to show).

5. Emailing Requests

We generally request that you mail, via USPS, the forms to us, including the signatures and the directions on which forms to update. While we appreciate a heads up and over-view of the request via email, please be sure to include all details in the packet you mail to us so that there is no confusion (even if you've outlined them via email before).

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